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Largest Croatian-owned bank.

Our history


Hrvatska poštanska banka was established in October 1991 in the ownership of the Croatian Post. In 29 years of business, the ownership structure has changed, always within state ownership, with ups and downs, but with time the Bank remained the only Croatian-owned bank with a market share of more than 1 percent.

In 2015, the Bank was recapitalized by predominantly private shareholders. The reorganization was carried out in parallel, resulting in the two most profitable years since the establishment of the Bank, along with a strong growth in market shares and several awards from the field of digital banking.

During 2019 Hrvatska poštanska banka completed the merger of Jadranska banka and of HPB-Stambena štedionica.

HPB today


In 2019, HPB has more than 600,000 clients, HRK 23.9 billion assets, HRK 2.37 billion capital with capital adequacy of 17.5 percent. The Bank is 74 percent directly or indirectly owned by the Republic of Croatia and moves into a new share issue to strengthen its capital.

Market-oriented Hrvatska poštanska banka provides a quality and comprehensive financial service to citizens, state administration and Croatian businessmen, especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

General information


Hrvatska poštanska banka PLC
Jurišićeva 4, HR-10000 Zagreb

Info telephones: 0800 472 472, 072 472 472, +385 1 4890 365
Fax: +385 1 4810 773

Registration number (MB): 3777928
Identification number (OIB): 87939104217
IBAN: HR46 2390 0011 0700 0002 9

Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under company registration number (MBS): 080010698

Share capital of HRK 1,214,775,000.00 divided into 2,024,625 ordinary shares in the nominal amount of HRK 600.00 (paid in full)

Organizational structure

Ownership structure

Number of sharesInterest in the share capital (%)
Republic of Croatia859.03542,4293
Croatian Post PLC241.61011,9336
State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution181.8188,9803
Croatian Pension Insurance Institute177.3118,7577
Hrvatska poštanska banka p.l.c.  – treasury shares7950,0393
Other shareholders
(each under 5% of share of the equity capital)
Total shares


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HPB-R-A Common Share