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General Information

Hrvatska poštanska banka p.l.c.
Jurišićeva 4, HR-10000 Zagreb

Registration number (MB): 3777928
Identification number (OIB): 87939104217
IBAN: HR46 2390 0011 0700 0002 9

Management Board and Supervisory Board

Management Board:
Marko Badurina – Chairman of the Management Board, Anto Mihaljević – Member of the Management Board,
Ivan Soldo – Member of the Management Board

Supervisory Board:
Marijana Miličević – President of the Supervisory Board, Željko Lovrinčević – Deputy President of the Supervisory Board, Marijana Vuraić Kudeljan – Member

Our business operations

HPB’s business network consists of 57 branch offices and 12 regional centers and it is available to clients throughout Croatia. Through its own branch offices and through the project ‘Bank in Post Office’, HPB continuously increases its accessibility and in 2017, together with the Croatian Post, it has become the largest distribution channel for basic banking products and services in Croatia, with more than 200 branches and offices.

Social responsibility

Through socially responsible business HPB aims to increase the standards of social development and contribute to the general well-being of the Croatian society.

HPB Group

The companies HPB Invest Ltd, HPB-nekretnine d.o.o and HPB-Stambena štedionica d.d. are entirely owned by HPB p.l.c. Together, they constitute the HPB Group.