Are you planning to expand or develop your business?

We offer you concrete solutions for all your financial needs and expert advice from the HPB Team. We provide you with numerous financing options, as well as refinancing options of your existing obligations.

Short-term financing

To finance your current business and maintain liquidity, select loans with a repayment term of up to one year.

Finance your business needs with:

  • Transaction account overdrafts
    Instantly available funds on your business account when you need liquidity
  • Revolving credits
    Secure the occasional need to maintain liquidity and finance working capital
  • Loans for working capital
    Finance current business activities and expenses in your daily business
  • Agro loans
    Financial support for short-term needs of farmers
  • Loans for tourist season preparation
    Provide funding for short-term tourism needs
  • Financial monitoring frameworks
    For frequent short-term financing needs, including guarantees and letters of credit

Long-term financing

For investments in business equipment, machines and other permanent working capital, and for investments, select credits with a repayment term of more than one year.

  • Loans for permanent working capital
    Finance your working capital long-term and secure stable operations
  • Investment loans
    Invest in your capital to expand your business
  • Agro loans
    Financial support for long-term needs of farmers
  • Preparation for the tourist season
    Provide funding for tourism needs
  • Green loans for entrepreneurs
    For improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources
  • Loans for co-owners of residential buildings
    Finance all types of works on common parts of residential buildings
  • Offer for exporters
    Streamline your business with foreign partners with loans intended for exporters

Special loan programs

Choose different forms of financing within business cooperation with HAMAG-BICRO, HBOR, local self-government units, cities, counties and associations.

Guarantees and letters of credit

Ensure with simple, secure and quality cooperation with your business partners using guarantees and letters of credit.

A guarantee is an instrument for the payment of contractual obligations in a business cooperation. If the debtor does not fulfill their obligations within the deadline, the Bank will take over the payment of the amount agreed upon by the guarantee.

A letter of credit is a payment instrument by which the principal contractor (customer) makes available a certain amount to the user (seller) of the letter of credit. The user can take the funds when they meet the agreed terms.