Deposits and Investments

Protect your deposit and insure your business and valuables with HPB.
In case you have surplus funds, you have at your disposal investment funds of HPB Invest.


You can increase the funds in your business account by quality investment with flexible deposit terms. Take advantage of our competitive interest rates as well as the ability to structure your deposit and interest payments with guaranteed deposit security.
More information about the deposit insurance system can be found in the document Basic Information on Deposit Protection in all HPB Business Centers, and by request to the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution.


To insure your business, choose the Paket Croatia Poduzetnik (Croatia Entrepreneur Package).
The package is available on the basis of business cooperation with the Croatia Osiguranje insurance company and is intended for small enterprises of up to 20 employees.


Manage your surplus of money funds and generate potential additional returns by investing in investment funds.


Hrvatska poštanska banka offers you a safe deposit service for your important documents and other valuables.