Your rights when using HPB products and services

Key information for you.

Information before entering into cooperation

In order to easily choose the products and services that best suit you, HPB will provide you with key information in a clear format, separate from the marketing content.

Before establishing a business relationship, you can access the information:

Your rights

Objections and complaints

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 309(4) of the Credit Institutions Act and HNB’s Guideline on Resolving Customer Objections/Complaints, employees of the Service Quality Management Office will objectively and fairly analyze any client objections and complaints and seek to resolve them as soon as possible.

Legal deadlines for resolving objections and complaints

If the problem is not resolved within the legal deadline, the objector/complainant will be informed of the reasons for the delay and the deadline in which the Bank’s response can be expected.

Laws that protect your rights