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Mediation/alternative consumer dispute resolution

HPB is the first bank in Croatia to commit itself to alternative consumer dispute resolution.

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After accessing this website you can submit a compliment, suggestion or question. In order to enable us to ensure even better quality of our services in the future and to allow us to respond to your question or thank you for your compliment and suggestion, we need your personal details. We will use your personal data, voluntarily made available to us, to communicate with you and to commend within the Bank our employees through our dedicated internal communication channel, sending a direct e-mail to a relevant employee or announcing such commendation on the Bank’s internal sites. Also, we will store them on the Bank’s systems and keep them for a year following the date of their receipt for the purpose of improving and measuring the quality of service and processing for statistical purposes.

The principles of, and rules on the processing of personal data have been explained in more details in the Personal Data Protection Policy of Hrvatska poštanska banka PLC, publicly available on the Bank’s website

If you do not agree to your personal data being used in such a way, you can submit your compliment, suggestion or question also anonymously but in that case we will not be able to respond you in writing.

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Your complaint to the Bank

In spite of using the latest technology and hiring highly educated and dedicated staff, situations may occur where services provided are not in compliance with the HPB Quality Standards. If you want to express your dissatisfaction or submit a complaint, please find below the instructions how to submit a complaint to the Bank.

How to file a complaint

If you believe that one of your rights has been violated during a business relationship with the Bank, please proceed as follows:

1.) If you feel that in the business relationship with the Bank any of your rights have been violated, we suggest to try to have addressed your concern contacting directly the Bank verbally, or a person responsible in a relevant business unit of the Bank about whose work you are complaining. In most of the cases, in this phase a problem may be solved quickly and easily in the interest of protection of your rights.

2.) If following the conversation with a responsible person in a relevant business unit of the Bank you have still not resolved a problem we suggest then to contact the Bank in writing. You can submit your complaint in one of the following ways:

Hrvatska poštanska banka, dioničko društvo
Ured za upravljanje kvalitetom usluge
Jurišićeva 4, 10 000 Zagreb

The complaints related to personal data processing shall be submitted to the data protection officer to the e-mail address The complaints received in respect of personal data processing shall be, regardless of how they have been received, referred to the data protection officer. They are addressed in the way and within time limits set forth in the Bank’s Personal Data Protection Policy published on the Bank’s website, being different from the ways and time limits set forth for addressing complaints against the Bank’s business, described below.

A complaint against the Bank’s business, submitted by a complainant to the Bank shall include, at a minimum, the following details:

  • complainant’s personal data (first name and family name or business name if a complainant is a business entity),
  • complainant’s address (natural or legal person),
  • OIB,
  • detailed description of the event or situation leading to a dissatisfaction, being the subject matter of the complaint, and proof of the soundness of the complaint.

You provide your personal data voluntarily and they are collected for the purpose of identifying you unambiguously as the complainant and are processed in order to resolve the complaint in writing. Your personal data are kept for 11 years following the expiration of the year in which your complaint has been solved and are used for the purposes of improving the process of complaint management in the Bank, reporting to supervisory bodies, and processing and using for statistical purposes.

3.) Your complaint will be addressed by the person to whom your complaint has been assigned.

In compliance with current regulations, the Bank shall respond to complaints within 15 (fifteen) days following the receipt thereof, or within other time limits set forth for individual services in other laws.

By way of derogation, in case of more complex complaints the resolution of which may require longer time limit than prescribed by law, the Bank shall deliver to the complainant a temporary response, stating the grounds for such postponed and delayed response to the complaint and informing the complainant of the indicative timeframe within which the complainant shall receive a final response. The time limit within which the complainant shall receive a final response shall not exceed 30 days.

4.) If you are dissatisfied with the Bank’s response to or resolution of the complaint you submitted, and feel that a repeated contact with the Bank will not lead to the resolution of the situation concerned, you have right to inform thereof and complain to the Croatian National Bank.

If you are a consumer you may then propose mediation in accordance with the provisions of the law governing mediation or initiate alternative resolution of domestic and cross-border disputes in accordance with special regulation applied to alternative consumer dispute resolution.

If you have, as a consumer, entered with the Bank into a contract on online sale or services you are entitled to submit a complaint to the online dispute resolution platform.

The link to the online dispute resolution platform (ODR platform) is:

In all initiated alternative consumer dispute resolution procedures the Bank shall accept for a procedure to be conducted by one of the selected bodies for consumer dispute resolution.

Your objection/complaint to the Bank

Dear customer,

we confirm the receipt of your complaint. The Bank will respond to your complaint within 15 (fifteen) days of the receipt of the complaint, or within other time limits if different time limits have been set forth for individual services in other laws.
Thank you for contacting the Bank.

Your Hrvatska poštanska banka PLC

The principles of, and rules on the processing of personal data have been governed by the Personal Data Protection Policy of Hrvatska poštanska banka plc, publicly available on the Bank’s website.