Loans for all needs.

Non-purpose loans

I want to travel, and I plan to buy a car soon. It takes more money than I have with me for my wishes and ideas, but I can realise them with non-purpose loans.

What can I use non-purpose loans for?

  • To withdraw cash in desired amounts
  • To purchase a car
  • For education, recreation, hobbies or travel
  • To realise various wishes, needs and ideas for which I do not have enough money of my own

What benefits does HPB offer?

  • Possibility of taking out a non-purpose loan at the Bank’s branch office and postal offices.
  • More favourable terms for loans if you open an account with income

Non-purpose loans in numbers

  • Available at 57 branch offices of the Bank and 154 postal offices
  • Possibility of taking out non-purpose loans of up to 40.000 euro or 300.000 HRK
  • Repayment term of up to 10 years

Purpose loans

It is the intention that matters; for everything else, there is HPB.

Loan for preparing for the tourist season

  • For the construction, refurbishment and furnishing of tourist facilities
  • For the purchase of a vessel or other equipment for tourism-related activities
  • For refinancing existing tourism loans taken out at the Bank and other banks
  • Loan amount of 20.000 – 2.000.000 HRK or 2.500 – 250.000 euro
  • Repayment term of up to 240 months

Student loan

  • For the costs of enrolling in a private secondary school or grammar school
  • For the costs of an undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programme in the country or abroad
  • For the costs of purchasing textbooks or for the costs of additional education
  • Loan amount of 700 – 20.000 euro
  • Repayment term of up to 96 months

Housing loans

I’ve always wanted to own a flat, but it would’ve taken me many years to save the required amount myself. With a housing loan, I can get and furnish my own flat now.

What can I use housing loans for?

  • To purchase real estate – a flat, house, land, garage or parking space
  • To build or finish a property
  • To furnish a property
  • To refinance an existing housing loan

What benefits does HPB offer?

  • You have a choice between loans in kuna and foreign currency loans.
  • A choice between a fixed and variable interest rate
  • The costs associated with the granting of a loan can be paid from the loan itself

Housing loans in numbers

  • Maximum loan amount of 2.000.000 HRK or 265.000 euro
  • Repayment term of up to 30 years
  • You can repay your loan before you are 67 years old