Financial Markets


To those clients who wish an alternative possibility of increasing yield compared to the typical forms of savings, we offer a dynamic possibility of trading with different financial instruments on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, as well as on all major financial markets in the world and the region. For all details on brokerage, our employees of the Brokerage Services Department within the HPB Investment Banking Division are at your service.

  • Opening an account – If you decide to trade through our brokers, we invite you to establish a business relationship with us in a few simple steps…
  • Financial instruments trading – We provide you with an insight into the markets along with a detailed description of the procedure during financial instrument brokerage.
  • Margin loans – All clients with an additional affinity for risk and yield maximisation have our specialised loan for the purchase of financial instruments at their disposal.
  • My Broker – Clients who want a more dynamic trading may choose to manage orders and trading through our own MyBroker web platform.

Foreign Exchange Trading

We provide direct access to the foreign exchange market and the best market quotations without any additional fees that allow for significant savings and successful market risks management.

Money Market

Our product offer provides direct access to the money market and the opportunity of compounding cash surpluses at market rates with a maturity of 1 year.

Securities Trading

Bond trading is an additional way of managing liquidity surpluses with a guaranteed payment of coupons.


Do you have a substantial amount of assets and wish to achieve a higher yield than with a typical fixed-term deposit?
Would you like to optimize the overall risk of your assets?
Portfolios – a specialised HPB service that allows you to entrust the management of your financial assets to the Bank. According to your preferences and wishes, your Investment Adviser builds and manages your portfolio.
According to the agreed investment policy, the client and the Bank define the investment strategy based on which the entrusted assets are invested in different financial instruments. The Bank controls compliance with the limits, risks and investment strategies and reports to the client on a regular basis on the value movement of the financial instruments in the client’s account.
We offer different investment models created according to individual client preferences.
Below you may find three examples of such portfolios which are of an informative character and may be adapted according to the wishes, objectives and needs of the client:

Custody and Depositary Services

The custody service is intended for existing and future HPB clients that trade with financial instruments on domestic and foreign capital markets and forms part of a wider range of services relating to financial instruments provided by our Bank. Custody service includes:

  • Safekeeping and administration of all types of financial instruments
  • Settlement of financial instruments traded with on the domestic and foreign capital market
  • Reporting on corporate actions
  • Collection of income from financial instruments and reporting
  • Representation at shareholders’ meetings
  • Additional services in agreement with the client

Besides custody services, HPB also offers a depositary service for pension and investment funds. Depositary service includes:

  • Asset safekeeping
  • Tracking money flow
  • Monitoring activities