Credit Cards and Card Acceptance

Efficient and flexible debit and credit cards allow you quick access to money, safe use and easy management of your business expenses.

Visa Business Electron debit card

Visa Business Electron is a debit card of a business entity’s transaction account. It enables quick and easy access to your money and control over your business expenses.

VISA Business charge card

The VISA Business card enables an interest free payment delay of your expenses and full control over them. Due to easy payment in Croatia and the world, this card is the ideal solution for business travel.

VISA Bonus plus credit card

VISA Bonus plus is a card that returns money! In addition to the classic characteristics of revolving loans, the card allows for a refund of a percentage of the amount spent, and the refund rate depends on the amount spent.

VISA Prepaid Business card

Due to the simple option of supplementing your funds, inability of account overdrafts and worldwide acceptance, VISA Prepaid card is a solution for total control over costs, online shopping and carefree travel.

HPB cards can also be used at the Hrvatska Pošta offices and Fina branch offices.

Card Acceptance

Bank cards have become a commonly accepted means of non-cash payment in the world and in Croatia. HPB also offers a service to accept card payments as non-cash payments at points of sale and for online purchase (e-commerce).