The environment

Green Office

In 2012, HPB introduced the Green Office into its business operations with the aim of rational energy and waste management as well as to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour in its employees, business partners and the community in which it operates.

The activities of the Green Office emphasize employee training with the aim of reducing the negative impact on the environment and increasing the efficiency of the use of resources in everyday office work. Since the introduction of the Green Office, the number of printed pages has been constantly decreasing, which encourages us to save even further. We are also trying to conserve water, gas and power.


With its project “Cycling to Work”, HPB encourages its employees to adopt healthier habits and to better care for the environment. The aim of the project is energy-efficient change in transport – reduction in motorised transportation and increase in the use of bicycles in daily commute.

Hrvatko’s bicycle parking lot is located in Jurišićeva 4, and parking lots are being planned all over Croatia.

HPB is a proud partner of the cycling challenge titled “Vozim za Zagreb” / “Cycling for Zagreb”, which encourages healthy living with cycling. By participating in this project, HPB has joined its responsibility for the healthier living of all with the responsibility for the future of the youth, donating HRK 1 for each kilometre cycled to high school seniors of the Children’s Home in Nazorova.

Green construction

By supporting investment in energy-efficient solutions, HPB has a positive impact on environmental protection, human health and sustainable economic development. Wishing to encourage citizens and entrepreneurs to use environmentally friendly products in construction, Hrvatska poštanska banka offers a number of financing options with favourable terms and lower interest rates.

With green housing loans for citizens and green loans for entrepreneurs, HPB’s range of loans for increasing energy efficiency includes credit lines for managers and co-owners of apartment buildings as well as the Reenova+ programme, which, apart from financing, provides free technical assistance in all phases of energy renovation projects.