Social responsibility

HPB for a more advanced Croatia


HPB is a socially responsible institution that encourages society’s advancement by means of various activities and projects:

  1. by taking care of its employees and investing in their development
  2. with transparent business and increased availability to clients
  3. by providing support to the community in which it operates through donations and sponsorships
  4. by helping to protect the environment

The Bank strives to increase the standards of social development, encourage others to participate, and contribute to the general well-being of the society.


By investing in the knowledge of the new generations, HPB wants to prepare the youth for the ‘adult world’ and ensure a better future for Croatia.


HPB is not set apart from the community in which it operates and is aware of the challenges it faces. With the aim of promoting financial literacy, it creates free training sessions for all.

Sponsorships and donations

The Bank aims to have a positive impact on its business and social environment, therefore it is eager to encourage and support projects that are culturally, scientifically and socially important.


The humanitarian actions of its employees are proof that social responsibility is truly alive in HPB.

The environment

HPB encourages its employees, clients and business partners to act in a socially responsible way as well as to rationally manage energy and waste.