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You are visiting the pages featuring digital services offered by Hrvatska poštanska banka. New products, services and digital channels make banking easier and faster. Take a look at our products and save your time.


The most advanced mBanking in Croatia!

Where can I use mHPB?

  • to use the eCash service – cardless ATM cash withdrawal
  • to sign in using your fingerprint
  • to block and unblock your card when necessary
  • to use the option “take a picture and pay” and other new products and services


We have raised the quality of the mBanking service and have introduced new features.


Cardless ATM cash withdrawal.

Why choose the eCash service?

  • Cardless ATM cash withdrawal
  • The fastest way to withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Safe and simple
  • Send money to others via ATM

How do I access the eCash service?

eCash is available to all users of mobile banking for private clients.

eCash in numbers

  • Limits – the total daily cash withdrawal limit is 4,000 kunas and the limit for sending money is 1,000 kuna. Monthly cash withdrawal limit is 10,000 kunas, while at the time of sending money 4,000 kuna. The above limits apply only to eCash while other direct banking channels have their own limits, and payment options also depend on the available funds in your account.
  • Code expiration date – the code expires in 60 minutes (for cardless cahs withdrawal) or 24 hours (for sending money to others). In case of code expiration or cancellation, you will be refunded.
  • Free – the eCash service is completely free for clients.

Internet banking

Manage your finances via a computer with Internet access anywhere in the world regardless of the Bank’s working hours.

What benefits does HPB offer?

  • Lowest fees for payments and transfer of funds.
  • The possibility to open a non-purpose term/annuity deposit account.
  • The possibility to buy, sell or transfer your share in the funds of HPB Invest.
  • The possibility to activate and use different HPB services.

Internet banking in numbers

  • The internet banking fee amounts to 10 kuna per month.
  • The fee for payments in kuna at the Bank amount to 0 kuna.
  • The fee for payments in kuna outside the Bank amount to 2 kuna per order.


Skip the long queues and unnecessary paperwork, save your time and become an e-Citizen.

Where can I use the eCitizen service?

  • For faster communication with public administration
  • For free reception and verification of different documents, notifications and information
  • To save time
  • To skip long queues

How do I activate the eCitizen service?

Hrvatska poštanska banka gives Internet banking users free access to the e-Citizens system.

Who launched the eCitizen service?

The e-Citizens service was launched by the Government of the Republic of Croatia in order to allow citizens to use the services of the public administration in a faster and easier way, and HPB is the first bank whose infrastructure (token and mToken) enables citizens to receive credentials necessary to use the e-Citizens system and access various different e-services.


Speed, accuracy and environmental protection. Receive bills and deposit slips and make payments wherever you are in a safe and simple way.

Where can i use the eAccount?

  • To receive bills anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • To make payments in a faster and simpler way without paper bills.
  • To contribute to environmental protection – no paper trail.
  • To archive all bills in one place.

How do i activate the eAccount service?

  • Apply for HPB Internet banking for private clients or mobile banking.
  • Activate the service yourself by choosing one or more issuers from whom you want to receive e-bills and e-deposit slips.

My broker

The Web Trader service enables you to trade securities and track the portfolio status via the Internet, regardless of the Bank’s broker working hours.

What does the My broker service offer?

  • Issuance of the order to buy and/or sell financial instruments on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.
  • Order cancellation or modification.
  • Breakdown of your portfolio.
  • Overview of your broker’s account balance and transactions.
  • Overview of share prices on the Zagreb Stock Exchange with the 10 best offers on the stock exchange in real time.
  • Secure exchange of information.

How do i apply for the My broker service?

You can apply for the My broker service quickly and easily in any of the Bank’s branches.