30 years of HPB

30 years of HPB
We are creating the conditions for better life in Croatia
In 2021 Hrvatska poštanska banka is marking the 30th anniversary of its operation.  Through the history full of turning points HPB has continuously during these three decades strengthened its presence in the market and has grown into the most available, modern and innovative bank, recognizable for its offer of quality services and prominent responsibility to its customers and the community.
HPB is today one of the most important credit institutions in Croatia with 549 thousand customers, 5.5% market share and the assets of 25.5 billion HRK, placing it thus on the sixth position among the banks.
Following its mission, HPB is launching new initiatives and is developing the projects aimed to support more successful business operation and more agreeable life and to build the future of all citizens. One of the examples of such projects is also the Bank in the Post project whereby we provide financial services all over Croatia also in the smallest and most remote places that have post offices. 
HPB is focused on fast continuation of digital transformation, following world trends and creating innovative solutions for domestic market. Being a socially responsible company, we support and promote by our own projects environmental responsibility and sustainable development and operation.  
HPB will in 2021 dedicate specially created activities to those for whom it exists and operates. We are developing for our customers new products, implementing new projects of financial education of citizens, volunteering and preparing the program of donations for those who due to the challenges in their lives need our support and also a lot of other actions. Together with our customers, but also with all citizens of Croatia we will mark this year special for us and regularly inform you here about that. We are proud of our employees who account for everything HPB creates, and we thank our customers and the entire community because we can build better future of Croatia only together.