Sponsorships and donations

The Bank aims to have a positive impact on its business and social environment, therefore it is eager to encourage and support projects that are culturally, scientifically and socially important.
Sponsorships and donations


With its sponsorship projects, HPB supports various cultural, sports and educational programmes as well as many economic, scientific and environmental projects.

Here are some of the Bank’s sponsorship activities: Kupujmo hrvatsko, Bijenale slikarstva, 10. Modni ormar, Barokne večeri, Biciklistički maraton za kornatske vatrogasce…


With its donation programme, HPB helps preserve the culture and tradition, along with the creation of better working conditions at educational and health institutions. By supporting humanitarian organisations and associations, the Bank provides help where it is needed, particularly children and the youth.

Here are some of our donations: Europski parlament mladih Hrvatske, Humanitarna akcija Vozim za Zagreb, Utrka Terry Fox, Sinjska alka…


You can send your application for sponsorship or donation with your personal information to:
Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d.
Ured za marketing
Jurišićeva 4
10 000 Zagreb