The humanitarian actions of its employees are proof that social responsibility is truly alive in HPB.

HPB’s humanitarian heart

Just before Christmas 2008, a call for help arrived from the Home for Children without Adequate Parental Care in Vugrovec. The Home operates as a part of Caritas of the Zagreb Archbishopric, and looks after abandoned minors.

Already during the first Christmas action titled “I četkica jedna njima je vrijedna”, which was initiated by HPB’s employees, Vugrovec received a multitude of presents and different supplies that many take for granted because they are easily available to us.

In time, the number of employees gathered around the same goal and the connection between the children from the Home in Vugrovec and HPB became increasingly stronger.

Today we are both eagerly looking forward to our next meeting – for the presents that the children impatiently open and to see the children’s smiles and faces, which is to us, HPB’s employees, truly the greatest gift of all!

Sustainable business

Since 2007, Hrvatska poštanska banka has been a member and signatory of the UN Global Compact initiative. As a part of the largest initiative in the field of socially responsible business, HPB consistently implements activities founded on investing in the development of employees, transparent business and availability to clients, and care for the community and the environment.

Each year, HPB prepares a Progress Report with an overview of the state of play, aims and activities undertaken in connection with the ten principles of responsible business divided into four chapters:

  • Human rights
  • Working conditions
  • The enviroment
  • Anti-corruption principles